Activities and relaxation at the hotel near Arles with swimming pool.

A wide range of activities on offer at the hotel.

Whether you're a couple, a family or a group of friends, take advantage of the activities on offer in a serene, leafy setting.

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The Mediterranean Garden

A vast shady garden divided into islands of relaxation, for the pleasure of the eyes and well-being, a palette of colours and scents.

The swimming pool

The XXL-size swimming pool at room temperature is located in the garden with a magnificent view of the olive grove, agapanthus and palm trees.

The Children's Island

Around the corner in the garden, near the Osages orange trees and just before the orchard, you'll find a trampoline, a table tennis table, a lawn the size of a football pitch and a giant sleeping hut built by Léo from the leaves of our palm trees!

The Massage Salon

A Zen bubble where the choice of colours, incense, candles and music was a pleasure to create.


Elsa Pons, yoga teacher and ayurveda coach, offers sessions to introduce you to or perfect Hatha yoga, a form of yoga adapted to all levels and physiologies, for a better understanding of yourself and others.

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